Young Guns - I Want Out (Audio)

Young Guns are streaming "I Want Out" from their upcoming album and you can listen to it above.

Speaking of the song, lead singer Gustav Wood said:

“This was actually the first song on the record that we wrote, or at least decided to keep, Whenever we're looking to start writing a record it never feels like the process has begun until you've written the first song that’s good enough to set the benchmark for the others, and when we'd written this song we knew that it was the beginning. We had an amazing 18 months off the back of Bones and we're learning and growing as a band, but this song marks the beginning of the next chapter for us. I can't wait to get back to the 'States to play this song as loud as we can, as many times as we can, in as many different places as we can. Thanks to AP for giving us the honour of premiering the song on the site, and for supporting a bunch of british dudes from 4,000 miles away. See you in the fall!”