Tonight Alive- The Ocean

Tonight Alive have released a new video for 'The Ocean' which is definitely one for their fans to enjoy

Speaking about their new video frontwomen Jenna explains:

"The Ocean was the first song we released from 'The Other Side' in May of 2013. It's what fronted and represented Tonight Alive through a new chapter of the bands life so we wanted to give fans of the record an inside look at our touring life through one of the most important and memorable years of our career to date!

"We're lucky to be able to say every tour we're a part of is one we look forward to, but man what a way to start the year! We met All Time Low on our first Warped tour in 2012 and I'm not sure how many fields we'll find to play some reunion soccer on but I know for sure these shows are going to kick ass. We can't wait!"