So Jagermeister sent Charlie Simpson to Siberia to play the worlds coldest gig in 2012.

Now Jager sent The Defiled to Kulusuk, Greenland... To play a set on an iceberg... This is actually the truth. They even made a mini documentary of the whole ordeal. Crazy!

The Jager facebook page posted about this insane undertaking,

"The Defiled turned a gigantic Iceberg into the most unlikely of gig venues in the Greenland Sea recently when Jägermeister Music UK invited the band to perform on top of the floating platform for the Jägermeister Ice Cold Gig – which sees artists put to the test as they perform in unconventional, ice cold conditions.

Braving freezing temperatures and fast flowing ice, the group performed the special set to a host of locals from the nearby town of Kulusuk, who ventured out to the ice field to watch this once-in-a-lifetime experience from an array of fishing boats and leisure craft."

Defiled vocalist Stich D had a lot to say about the adventure,

“This has to be one of the most insane gigs we’ve ever played! You see these things on TV documentaries but it’s not until you get to see them in real life that you realise just how big and amazing icebergs are. Although it was cold, I don’t think any of us noticed once we got started as the stage location literally takes your breath away.

“As a group of mates we’ve shared some amazing experiences together but this has been an adventure that has bought us closer together and something that we all feel really privileged to have been part of. We’ve made a lot of friends during our short stay here and donated some music equipment to the local people, so we look forward to coming back one day and playing a joint gig out here next time – maybe thefirst ever gig with two bands playing on two icebergs at the same time!”

What other crazy shit are Jager going to make musicians do next?!