Redfest: Total uprawr stage

by Jd 17 Jan 2014 3:04 p.m.

Our friends over at UPRAWR have sponserd the 2nd stage for RedFest, Headlining it will be 'THE BLACKOUT' with TRC and Heart Of A Coward. Some of the other bands included consist of Heights, The Dirty Youth, LostAlone, Polar, Baby Godzilla, Astroid Boys, The Catharsis, Slaves, The One Hundred, Rat Attack, Fathoms and aurora.

Redfest 2014 takes place July 25-26 at Robins Cook Farm in Redhill, Surrey, Head to for tickets.

UPRAWR will be providing some after band entertainment on stage so stay tuned here-

Alot of the bands involved have played the asylum and we currently have a gallery with pictures featuring TRC, Heart Of A Coward and Astroid Boys, check it out here-