UPRAWR LIVE is used to put on shows from your favourite bands in the metal/metalcore/pop-punk and punk scene. I mean it goes without saying if you like dancing and partying at UPRAWR every saturday your going to like the bands we put on right? These shows are promoted by us and consist of the Asylum 2 aswell as the Asylum meaning we have bigger bands aswell as smaller ones. Our Gallery is full of Uprawr live shows but to name a few: Of Mice & Men, Pierce The Veil, Funeral For a Friend, Motionless in White, Kids in Glass Houses, LetLive, Issues, Trivium, The Story So Far, Tonight Alive, Hands Like Houses, Chunk! no, Captain Chunk and MANY MORE.

We have aload of UPRAWR LIVE shows to still be announced so keep your eyes peeled but as of the moment we have:


Feed The Rhino


All of our shows can be found Here