Mindless Self Indulgence "Fuck Machine" AMV Cartoon

Well who the fuck knows whats going on in that but maybe Jimmy "Urine" could give us some info-

“We love anime and anime lovez us ...so we decided to do a cartoon of us with lots of nods and winks to great classic anime and a few nods to frankenstein girls.
The cartoon short is set to ‘fuck machine’ and features the band fucking shit up and fighting monsterz.  I the great and powerful Jimmy Urine came up with the concept, it was animated by moreframes with character designs by biteythevillian.”

Yeah ok you had me sold at fucking shit up and fighting monsterz, the album was released in January and features 11 versions, including remixes by such names as Combichrist, KMFDM, Mustard Pimp, a version with Chantal Claret, and new versions by Jimmy Urine himself.

For more info on the album head to This