Uprawr: Witchcraft & Wizardry!

Harry Potter Experience

Saturday 17th Nov 10:30 p.m. Age 18+ On Facebook



Dear Party-Goer,

We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at UPRAWR School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find below a list of all the necessary madness we have put together in preparation. The party begins on the 17th November, 10.30PM.

Are you a budding young witch or wizard who solemnly swears that they are up to no good? Then this is the place to be! 

We are going to be doing a complete Hogwarts takeover of the venue to transfigurate it into your very own Harry Potter experience.

The building is being transformed it into an immersive magical world with House banners, floating candles, flying brooms and dementors. As well as our own Mirror of Erised, Platform 9 ¾ and plenty more builds for you to cast your curious gaze over.

We'll spend over 200 HOURS over the approaching weeks re-creating the magic of Hogwarts, bringing you the most expensive party ever thrown history of UPRAWR. Like the Halloween party we will take you along every step of the way via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! There'll be plenty of prophecies and tournaments over the coming weeks so keep your eyes out for fantastic updates and prizes!

Upon entry you will be greeted with four stickers, each representing a different house. Choose wisely, and remember - nobody likes a Slytherin!
Gringotts bank have kindly given us a cheque for £200 in muggle money to give away to one budding contestant who can follow in Sirius Black’s padded footsteps and escape from Azkaban! We’ll imprison witches & wizards and the first to escape shall receive great glory (In the form of 200 quid!)

We will be using muggle technology to live stream you all casting some spells!!!

We’d need you all to have your wands at the ready (If one has not chosen you yet don’t worry, we have glow-sticks which make a great substitute) and aim them towards the stage. One magical chant will fire the confetti canon’s, activate the balloon drop and trigger a banging muggle tune to blast out of the speakers. Who’s ready to do some magic?

For those true witches and wizards out there we’ll be running our after party until 6AM! Beware, this is for those who are not of the faint hearted and don’t succumb to the dark forces of drunkenness and fatigue.
- Confetti Cannons!

- Glow Sticks!

- Balloon Drop!

- Hand Held Confetti Guns!

-MASSIVE TV’s (Bigger than Dudley’s) playing non-stop Potter!

We have a variety of Muggle Drinks at incredible value - even the Leaky Cauldron can’t compete with these prices!

£1 - Sours Shots

£2 - Cherry Sours & Coke (Cherry Coke)

£2.20 - Vodka & Mixer

£2 - Jägermister / Fireball / After Shock

£2.50 - Blue After Shock & Lemonade (magic in your mouth)

£2.50 - Fireball Bomb

£2.50 - Jager Bomb

★ ROOM 1 ★

The Weird Sisters / Foo Fighters / Enter Shikari / Mallory Knox / Rage Against The Machine / Don Broco / Red Hot Chill Peppers / Bring Me The Horizon / Slipknot / Neck Deep / Lower Than Atlantis / Bury Tomorrow / Parkway Drive / Panic! At The Disco / Blink 182 / Sum 41 / Korn / Limp Bizkit / The Offspring / Alien Ant Farm / My Chemical Romance / A Day To Remember / Linkin Park / Fall Out Boy / Good Charlotte / PVRIS / Bear Tooth / State Champs / The Ghost Inside / Crossfaith / Chunk! No Captain Chunk / While She Sleeps / New Found Glory / All Time Low / You Me at Six / Paramore / Of Mice & Men / Pierce The Veil / Knuckle Puck / Moose Blood / Trash Boat / Creeper / Skrillex / Knife Party / Prodigy / Pendulum / System Of A Down / Disturbed / All American Rejects / Issues

★ ROOM 2 ★

Drake / Post Malone / Kendrick Lamar / Future / Kanye West / Travis Scott / XXXTentacion / Lil Pump / Jay-Z / Beyoncé / Arctic Monkeys / Tame Impala / MGMT / Skepta / Stormzy / Wiley / Rihanna / Lady Gaga / Calvin Harris / Disclosure / Jungle / Royal Blood / The Cure / The Smiths / The 1975 / Biffy Clyro / Foster The People / Nicki Minaj / Ed Sheeran / Eminem / Die Antwoord / Foals / Wolf Alice / George Ezra


Does your birthday week fall upon the same week you begin at UPRAWR School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? If so, avoid having a birthday as terrible as Harry’s used to be at the Dursley’s and show your I.D. at the door for FREE ENTRY!


The home of UPRAWR.

2 levels & 4 bars.

Outdoor Courtyard with club lights, tunes and a Tiki Bar!!

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Total UPRAWR
38-43 Hampton Street
B19 3LS

Tel: +44+(0)+121 233 1109
Fax: +44+(0)+121 233 1286

e-mail jack@totaluprawr.com




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