Uprawr 1000th Party

1000th Uprawr

Saturday 1st Jul 10:30 p.m. Age 18+ On Facebook


★ 1000th UPRAWR ★

This is the most special night we’ve ever had!!

Over 7 years we’ve had weekly nights in 7 cities, we’ve done pre and after parties for over 10 festivals and collaborated with every other big rock night in the country.

It’s also a lot of drink and it’s and we’re super proud to be able to celebrate it with you all :D


ONLY full building all-nighter of the year!

10.30pm til 6am.

In the main room, no extra ticket needed, no wristbands on sale! This is for everyone there and both rooms will be open all night!


Cheap drinks for our special night?
We know you love your bombs!

Toffee Bombs £2 ALL NIGHT!
Stuka Bombs £2 ALL NIGHT!

This is the first time we’ve ever had toffee bombs on sale! 
They are amazing!

★ 1000th UPRAWR HOODIE ★

We have a limited edition 1000th UPRAWR hoodies available for £15 including your ticket!

Why SO cheap?

Because we’re making absolutely NOTHING on these hoodies, not a penny!

This night is such a big deal to us we want to make sure everyone can be apart of it with us, wear your hoodies with pride and say “I was there”.

Buy your hoodie now and collect it from the cloakroom on the night.


We’ve teamed up with Modern Electric Tattoo Studio and they will do a FREE UPRAWR tattoo for anyone that goes into their shop and asks for one!!

Have an UPRAWR tattoo and you’ll get FREE entry into UPRAWR every time you come.

★ WIN ★

Not only are the legends at Modern Electric Tattoo giving away FREE UPRAWR tattoos at their studio, all four of their tattoo artists are giving away a days free tattooing time for the competition on stage, as well as an after care kit from H2Ocean, an after care kit from Dermalize and 2 free weekend passes to The London Tattoo Convention!

Check out the guys and their work:

Modern Electric Tattoo - 

PAUL TALBOT - fb.com/paultlbt
IMMORAL YOUTH - fb.com/immoralyouth
KERRY IRVINE - fb.com/kerryirvinetattoo
TRAWA TATTOO - fb.com/trawatattoo

Be at the front to enter the comp.


We’re devoting the Asylum 2 to all the awesome songs that we were playing 1000 UPRAWR’s ago.

If you were an UPRAWR original, remember when Dean Owen & Leon Armstrong were resident DJs or even just remember Ali being sweet and innocent this is your room!
Expect to here:

Deaf Havana – Friends like these.
BOB – Magic.
Four Year Strong – Baba Bing! Wit’ a Pipe!
Lonely Island – I Just Had Sex
Mayday Parade – Jamie All over.
A Day To Remember – Since you’ve Been Gone.
Boys Like Girls – Love Drunk.
Rihanna – Rude Boy.
Tonight Alive – Little Lion Man.
Woe Is Me – Last Friday Night.
Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
Issues – Boyfriend.
Fireworks – Detroit.
Wonder Years – Melrose Dinner.
Taking Back Sunday – Cut(e) without the E.
Set Your Goals – Mutiny.
The starting Line – Best Of Me.
Valenica – The Space Between.

#UPRAWR @totaluprawr




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