We are absolutely “over the moon” to be finally reopening at full capacity and can’t wait to see you all again.

Although all restrictions have now been removed, we at the Asylum will still be working hard to ensure safety for all our staff and customers.

With this in mind, please respect the following:-

  • If you have any Covid 19 symptoms, please don’t come to the venue…if you have already bought a ticket….you will be refunded.
  • We will not require a Covid-19 Passport for entry, although we do advise to get vaccinated if possible
  • We do advise the use of the NHS App and test and trace, so feel free to scan the QR code on entry

Although no longer a legal requirement to wear a mask, we would advise you to wear one wherever possible…however it is your choice, and we will respect your opinion

Cleanliness is everything, hand sanitisers are available throughout the building, and in all the toilets, please use them

All surfaces will be cleaned regularly throughout the night and toilets will be cleaned every hour..more if necessary

As the Queen once famously said it’s been an “Annus horribilis” for everyone, so hopefully, as long as everyone takes care, we’ll soon be back to normal and partying like it’s 1999